Lehigh University CSB Capstone Program

Capstone Project Frequently Asked Questions

    CSB is an interdisciplinary major in both the Business and Engineering Colleges where, upon completion, students receive accredited degrees in both Computer Science and Business.
    The Capstone Project is the culmination of the students education. The project combines both their business and computer science learning experiences into a real world project.
    Sponsors are responsible for creating the project and guiding the students through the project from business plan to deliverable. The sponsors role is to be a knowledge base for the students working on their project.
    $10,000 (discounts are available for non profits and educational institutions). Any other costs including hosting costs, incidental software, and development tools are included in the sponsorship price.
    Yes, our legal department can work with you and your company to modify a document, adjust wording etc.
    Yes, as long as the company is located within a reasonable distance from Lehigh University campus.
    Yes, with the help of Skype and other technologies we have had successful projects where the sponsor has been located as far away as Africa and Cambodia.
    Sponsors typically spend about 2 hours per week with the students reviewing their projects. Sponsors may also spend several hours in the beginning and at the end - orientating students and watching final presentations.