Lehigh University CSB Capstone Program

Fedegari Technologies Inc. Database Web App

Students were tasked with creating a database that would be a cross-platform Web application with cloud storage and retrieval capability, with different permissions and accessibility (both on the input and output sides). The basic tenet of this project was to create an attractive, user-friendly database to store historical information from the R&D department, allow new input of data, and to allow customers to view certain aspects of the information gathered.

Synaptic and Lehigh University HawKoin

The goal was for the students to create a Lehigh cryptocurrency. The students were tasked with 1: Implementing core blockchain infrastructure, supported by command-line interfaces for testing. 2: Implementing the user-interfaces: web, mobile, students, vendors, parents, administrators (may be a 2019 project) and 3: Attempting to sell the idea to the Lehigh Administration.

Vistacom Control Room User Interface

In 2017, using the API available within Barco’s Control Room Management Suite software, utilizing Python the student group coded a simplified user interface, but left some developmental tasks for future. The project continued on into 2018 where students took the same project and added additional features like authentication, managed services, and other application features.